forever jewelry starter kit

Where to Get a Forever Jewelry Starter Kit

October 5, 2023

Permanent jewelry is more than just an accessory. A piece of forever jewelry makes a statement, marks a memory, and tells a piece of your unique story. 

If you’ve noticed the growing popularity of permanent jewelry across social media, you might be curious about how to craft your own forever jewelry pieces. With the innovative new designer program from PermaLinx, creating permanent jewelry is easier to learn than ever.

Getting Started With Permanent Jewelry

There are plenty of reasons why permanent jewelry holds such a special place in our hearts. Every piece carries a memory of the occasion it was created, whether it was a bachelorette party, a Mother’s Day brunch, or a girls’ night out. 

At its core, permanent jewelry is just what it sounds like — jewelry that sticks around! PermaLinx by jBloom provides a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional methods of creating jewelry that goes with you everywhere. 

With PermaLinx, you can easily craft your own unique pieces without the need for expensive materials or welding machinery. All you need is your trusty forever jewelry starter kit.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own permanent jewelry business, we’re here to make that a reality. The skilled designers on the jBloom team have put long hours into experimenting with different materials and techniques to create PermaLinx: the permanent jewelry for everyone. 

On top of creating that seamless, permanent look, PermaLinx lets you kickstart your jewelry business without the hefty, multi-thousand-dollar investments associated with traditional methods. You can bring your permanent jewelry tools with you anywhere you go.

And the smiles you put on your customers’ faces will be worth every bit of effort you put into your career in fashion.

Starting Your Forever Jewelry Shop

With PermaLinx, starting your journey as a permanent jewelry designer is easier than ever before. At jBloom, our mission is to cultivate a passionate and supportive community of talented designers, empowering one another to create forever jewelry that is affordable, accessible, and, above all, beautiful. That’s why we’ve put together a special offer to help you start your business: the PermaLinx starter collection.

Unlike traditional permanent jewelry techniques, PermaLinx can get you started for $175. Once you’ve sold your first five bracelets, you’ll have already recovered your investment with a profit of 30 to 40%.

Your PermaLinx Starter Collection Includes:

– A three-piece permanent jewelry tool set 

– 12 different style bracelets to sell or display 

– 20 extra PermaLinx jump rings

– Four practice pieces to hone your skills 

– A free month’s access to the PermaLinx business suite

Wear Your Story With PermaLinx

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a cherished piece of forever jewelry. Starter kits with welding equipment are expensive. PermaLinx is easy, affordable, and quick to learn.

The PermaLinx mission is simple: to cultivate an industry that creates personal connections and lasting memories through a mutual love of beautiful jewelry. Join us today to become your area’s go-to PermaLinx designer and discover the vibrant community of designers awaiting you.

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