When People Say, “I Got Zapped,” It’s Time to Get Linx’d

January 6, 2024

When you hear, “I got zapped” on social media, it sounds like someone got struck by lightning. In the world of jewelry, getting zapped refers to the process of having permanent jewelry attached with a welding machine. While most permanent accessory brands use a heavy, expensive welder to connect jewelry for customers, you should know there’s a better, more affordable solution. 

PermaLinx uses specialty hand tools to connect permanent jewelry for a perfect fit. And if you love permanent jewelry, PermaLinx offers a program to let you become a jewelry designer yourself and start your own business. 

Why get zapped when you can get linx’d … by PermaLinx

What Makes Permanent Jewelry Last?

Depending on where you shop for your fashion accessories, the types of metal can vary almost as widely as the styles themselves. Some brands offer solid or plated gold, which is very expensive. But PermaLinx offers multiple colors of solid, stainless metals, which are more affordable without sacrificing quality and are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Water and Sweat Resistant 

Whether you’re running a marathon, enjoying a bath after a long day at work, or swimming, your new PermaLinx accessory will stay vibrant without fading or rusting. 

Hard to Break and Harder to Lose  

One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional jewelry is when your favorite bracelet or anklet goes missing or becomes damaged. Permanent jewelry is far less likely to need replacing because of PermaLinx’s unique approach to attaching accessories. If something does ever break, your PermaLinx designer will replace it for you. 

A Gem of Opportunity 

PermaLinx by jBloom offers all customers the chance to become professional jewelry business owners by joining our community of entrepreneurs and fashion lovers. Becoming a designer is easy, thanks to our affordable starter collection. It comes with all of the tools and supplies needed to start and operate your own jewelry business, including practice materials, pliers and cutters, and a professionally maintained website for a small monthly fee. 

Even without sales experience, we’ll make sure you’re prepped for success thanks to our free training and mentorship. We’ll connect you with a veteran designer who guides you through the start-up phase, answering questions and helping your new business thrive. 

The start collection is only $175 in contrast to the thousands of dollars needed for a permanent jewelry welder. (Remember the “I got zapped” part?)

Become a Boss and Run Your Own Business 

Whether you’re a people person or more of an introvert, PermaLinx offers different approaches to success in a jewelry career, such as:

PermaLinx Boutiques 

Hosting jewelry parties is a fun way to connect with your customers and show off the collection. These last 1 to 2 hours, depending on your number of guests. Putting on the jewelry takes 3 to 6 minutes, and as time passes, you’ll become even faster. 

Personal Appointments

If you prefer meeting with customers one on one for a more intimate experience, private appointments are quick and effective and last only 15 to 30 minutes. 

Before You Say “I Got Zapped,” Get Connected With PermaLinx 

While others are out getting zapped, you can get the best permanent accessories available from PermaLinx. Rather than spending tons of money on jewelry that fades, breaks, or gets lost, partner with a brand with a high-quality product and an opportunity to make a profit.

Are you ready to start your dream career in permanent jewelry? Submit your contact form and order your starter collection today.

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