permanent forever bracelets near me

How to Find Permanent Forever Bracelets Near Me

January 5, 2024

If you’ve been running web searches for “permanent forever bracelets near me,” we’ve got good news: the world of permanent jewelry just got more exciting, thanks to PermaLinx by jBloom.

Without the right locations, finding permanent jewelry near you can be a challenge. What if you could create it yourself and finally bring forever jewelry to your area? With PermaLinx, this dream can be a reality, all without ties to any in-store location. Let’s look at how PermaLinx is changing the way we see permanent jewelry.

PermaLinx: A Revolution in Permanent Jewelry

PermaLinx is more than just jewelry; it’s about the tales we tell, the memories we treasure, and the style that lasts a lifetime. Unlike traditional methods, which involve complex processes and limited access, PermaLinx gives you control over your craft. With the right training and equipment, anyone can be a designer, breaking free from the confines of physical stores and high-end boutiques.

The New and Improved PermaLinx Starter Collection

To kickstart your career in permanent jewelry craft with an extra boost, we’re excited to introduce the new-and-improved PermaLinx starter collection. Priced at an affordable $175, our new collection equips you with all the essentials you’ll need to get started today. Here’s what it comes with:

12 PermaLinx Bracelets for Sale or Display — Begin your career as a designer with a wider collection of bracelets ready to Linx a lucky customer.

A PermaLinx Tote Bag — Carry your tools and projects in style, wherever the muse leads you.

Two Types of Flat-Nose Pliers — Craft with precision and simplicity, ensuring that your creations are perfect every time.

One Pair of High-End Wire Cutters — Make clean cuts and give your products a professional polish with a heavy-duty cutter.

20 Additional Jump Rings — Ideal for creating strong and durable pieces, with extra so you never run out!

Four Practice Pieces — Improve your skills and bring your creative vision to fruition with a set of practice bracelets to try your hand.

FREE Training — Get access to all the guidance you need to kickstart your journey as a PermaLinx designer, completely free.

Plus, here’s an exclusive offer just for January: new designers will receive two EXTRA PermaLinx bracelets for a grand total of fourteen — completely free of charge! The clock is ticking, so the best time to start is now.

Bring Permanent Forever Jewelry to You

If you’re in search of permanent forever jewelry near you, your search ends here. PermaLinx offers a premier experience at an affordable price, and the chance to make money in a business of your own! The PermaLinx starter collection is your ticket to becoming a professional designer, and the January bonus makes today the best possible time to jump in.

Join the PermaLinx movement today. Bring beautiful, affordable jewelry to your community and help us create an everlasting story with PermaLinx by jBloom. Order your starter collection now and let your new career in fashion begin.

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