Do You Need Permanent Jewelry Certification to Sell It?

September 1, 2023

Permanent jewelry is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the jewelry industry. Thousands of entrepreneurs are discovering how owning their own permanent jewelry business can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. 

What does it take to start your own business? Is permanent jewelry certification required? What do you need to know before jumping into the world of permanent jewelry? 

The experts at jBloom — creators of the popular PermaLinx brand — have answers. Let’s take a closer look at permanent jewelry, certification questions, and how to get started in the business.

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

How would you like to wear jewelry that never comes off? Imagine having a bracelet or necklace that is joined together by a jeweler, so you never have to deal with any clasps. It can be applied in minutes, and you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewelry that stays with you forever. 

This recent trend in jewelry is perfect for those who want to keep their most precious memories close to their heart wherever they go. 

There are so many benefits of having permanent jewelry:

  • You’ll never lose it or drop it down the sink 
  • You can travel with it without any hassle
  • You can choose a delicate, solid stainless piece that won’t tarnish or irritate your skin

Who Can Sell Permanent Jewelry?

Anyone can sell permanent jewelry, as long as they have the proper training and equipment. While permanent jewelry certification is not required, it’s important for businesses that sell it to have a reputable and trustworthy brand behind them. 

There are a few specific types of businesses that are known for selling permanent jewelry, including:

Direct Sales Companies

Direct sales companies, such as jBloom, allow people to sell permanent jewelry from home. jBloom offers training and support to their salespeople — referred to as “designers.”

Pop-up Shops

Pop-up shops are a great way for small business owners to sell their products to a wider audience. Many pop-up shops that sell permanent jewelry are run by independent designers. These designers travel from place to place and do limited time events at various locations. This allows them to sell products to a wider audience!

Fine Jewelry Stores

Fine jewelry stores may sell permanent jewelry as part of their wider selection of high-end jewelry. They typically have a team of experienced jewelers who can measure customers’ wrists and apply the jewelry properly.

What About PermaLinx?

PermaLinx by jBloom is a line of permanent jewelry that is designed to be worn 24/7. The jewelry is made from stainless steel that is resistant to tarnishing, fading, and changing color. It can also withstand everyday activities such as showering, swimming, and sweating.

PermaLinx jewelry is available in a variety of styles, including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The jewelry can be customized with a variety of charms.

jBloom PermaLinx jewelry is a great option for people who want to wear jewelry that they never have to take off. The jewelry is durable and stylish, and it can be customized to fit your individual style.

The PermaLinx brand comes with a variety of advantages over other brands:

  • It’s available in stainless, gold stainless, black stainless, and rose-gold stainless
  • The jewelry can be made to order, so customers can choose their own charms and pendants
  • We even have items that can be personalized specifically for you. 
  • Every piece is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Is Permanent Jewelry Certification Required?

The short answer is no. There are no legal or industry requirements to have any kind of official permanent jewelry certification to sell the product or operate your own jewelry business. 

However, it does require training, supplies, and a reliable manufacturer to work with. jBloom offers a specialized training program for people who want to become jBloom PermaLinx designers. The instruction covers all aspects of permanent jewelry, including how to measure customers, apply the jewelry, and troubleshoot any problems.

Start Your Permanent Jewelry Business Today

If you’re an aspiring young entrepreneur looking to make a mark in the jewelry business, getting permanent jewelry certification with jBloom can be a game-changer. As leaders in the field, jBloom provides comprehensive training that equips you with the professional skills necessary for designing certified permanent jewelry.

Start your journey towards setting up a thriving permanent jewelry business today by contacting jBloom for more information on how to get started with your permanent jewelry certification process.

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