jBloom 1099

All designers earning a 1099 from jBloom should have received it via email.  It would have come from “Tax1099support.” If you received only 1 email… You are good to go.  No need to read further and you can use that for your tax purposes. The vast majority of designers received a form 1099-NEC.  This shows […]

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January Hostess Exclusive

Your hostess can purchase the January Hostess Exclusive for $70 as long as they close & submit a $250+ boutique in January. Add it their order like you always do, select “*Hostess Exclusive” in the drop down, type in HOST-2022JAN1000. Add it the order for $70. You can also add the bonus they earn by […]

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What are our Order types?

Boutique Order New – just has to have a total of $250+ Customer Order – must pay in full Designer Order – the new “personal order”, you will still have to pay in full but this order type helps you better organize your personal purchases Supplies – catalogs and all business supplies can be purchased […]

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